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Neal Rouzier, MD

• Lead instructor for WorldLink Medical/ USA BHRT optimization seminars

Director of the Preventive Medicine Clinics of the Desert, Palm Springs, California

Board Certified in Emergency Medicine

• Author of How to Achieve Healthy Aging: Why Everyone Should Replace Hormones, A Review of the Medical Literature

NEAL ROUZIER, MD - (pronounced – Dr. Roo-z-ya)
Dr. Neal Rouzier is a pioneer in the Bioidentical Hormone Replacement field, practicing almost since its inception in the early 1990’s. He has dedicated his life’s work to uncovering the medical literature that supports safe and effective protocols for unique and personalized patient care. He is the Director of the Preventive Medicine Clinics of the Desert, specializing in the medical management of aging and preventive care for men and women. He is licensed in Salt Lake City, Utah and Pasadena, California,
and sits on the Advisory Board of WorldLink Medical.

He has treated more than 2,000 patients with BHRT and is recognized as a renowned leader and expert in the field. Additionally, Dr. Rouzier is the author of Natural Hormone Replacement for Men and Women: How to Achieve Healthy Aging - 2nd edition. He has over 16 years of experience as an educator and practicing physician, & 29 years of Emergency Medicine experience at Queen of the Valley Hospital in West Covina, CA.

Why accept aging and its potential problems? You have an option to forestall physical and mental deterioration through Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Natural Hormone Therapy (BHRT/Human Identical Hormones). It is a safe, effective and reliable medical therapy that combats the biological effects of aging.

Since WorldLink Medical began in 1998, they have focused on teaching practitioners the best in BHRT practices. As the popularity of WorldLink Medical courses grew, their leading educator Neal Rouzier, MD collected new research and complex studies to help practitioners confront BHRT complexities. Our attendees tell us these are the best courses they have ever attended and that the experience at WorldLink is life changing for themselves & their patients. We also knew there was more to keeping patients healthy than hormones, so we committed to offer additional training beyond BHRT focused on helping practitioners to transform patient lives.