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If you are just getting starting with hormone therapy, TruBalance Healthcare provides a comprehensive package of patient specific individualized services. Our extensive team will work with you, and your healthcare provider, providing tools, education and lab testing.


1. Lab Testing - Analytical measurement of saliva or blood to determine hormone levels, and Urine NTx testing to measure rate of boneloss. We also offer Reverse T3 blood testing for Thyroid issues. The lab notifies the physician via fax or email when the patient's lab results have arrived.

**Results take 5 - 10 days.

Follow-up Lab Testing - We suggest followup testing at 3 months to get an accurate read of where your hormone levels are - evaluation is important as our hormone levels change constantly. At which time your physician (MD) can adjust your individualized bioidentical hormone treatment if needed.

2. Continuing Education - For Physicians & Licensed Healthcare Professionals. Our education symposiums are based in Canada and are open to all MDs and licensed medical professionals globally. If you are visiting Canada from out of country and wish to attend a symposium contact us to register. We offer extensive ongoing training open across borders, with support and mentoring after the continuing education has been completed.

3. Physicians Network Across Canada
- Our network of physicians spans across Canada. Physicians can contact us to become a recommended BHRT physician. Other healthcare professionals can join our MD Partner Program to add bioidentical hormone supplementation to their practice. You may also call us for a USA based Physician. No charge for patient referrals.


• Our education programs cover clinical protocols on the following:

• Lab Testing Protocols - Saliva & Blood

• Diagnoses

• Numerous case studies

• Science & evidence based education

• How to monitor the patients hormone levels

• How to test and monitor thyroid medication

• Compounded BHRT formulations

• Medication dosage

• Nutritional supplements to treat hormone imbalance.

• Intuitively get the know how to guide bioidentical hormone dosing. The degree

of deficiency and adequacy of hormone replacement must be proven with a

reliable test of tissue hormone levels - saliva and blood testing is

recommended (see lab test section) and by listening to the patients symptoms.

Our continuing education programs teach healthcare professionals how to

administer and monitor patients on bioidentical hormone replacement therapy

• Review expanding ancillary services that men and women seeking bioidentical

hormone therapy often request.