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Hormone Facts You Should Know But Probably Don’t
By Neal Rouzier, MD - April 2016

Recently the medical community has undergone criticism for journalistic articles and medical studies that promote one drug or treatment over another. There are often political or economic gains behind the purpose or results of the studies, which leads to inappropriate and biased conclusions or recommendations in these articles. This has negatively impacted the credibility of some authors and journals. Some medical journals provide a study rating score so that the reader may be able to discern any bias of a study’s treatment or product. In addition, medical journals and textbooks now use the term “evidence-based medicine” (EBM) in order to assert credibility for a medical treatment based on peer-reviewed studies or meta-analysis. The purpose of this introduction is to prevent the reader from being led astray by the political and economic bias from paid authors of medical journal papers with misleading agendas.
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